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Our Story

Una (You are) welcome to! Our brand is a stylish t-shirt movement featuring a mesh of classic and trending Nigerian Pidgin English slogans designed for you to stand out and spark up conversations.

Within the social media ecosystem, we witnessed a rapidly rising trend of people using personal styles to express themselves. So we thought; why not bring Nigerian Pidgin English references to the table? Our mission is to curate positive conversational pieces that people of various backgrounds can identify with. was founded in 2020 and we currently ship around the world. Our founder from Nigeria, West Africa, created this niche out of her passion for stylish casual wear and drive to promote positive narratives about her culture.

While countries in West Africa like Nigeria speak English as their primary or secondary language, the people also socially communicate in Pidgin English; a form of lingo derived from English and other indigenous languages. Pidgin English is used among friends, family, social groups etc, as a friendly form of communication.

Join the movement; stand out, bring Pidgin English to the world, support us and Buy some of our amazing designs today.