1 My Oga at the Top

It means one you hold in very high esteem. For instance, you can describe your BOSS(OGA) as your oga at the top because you take directions and instruction from him/her. In a relationship context, your Oga at the top would be your Husband or Boyfriend. A friend whom you have high regards for can also be your Oga At the Top. In the context of the Christian Religion, God is the Oga At the Top.

2 I be God Pikin

Pikin in the Nigerian Pidgin English means Child. When used in a sentence, it means I am a child of God.

3 Corny Man Die, Corny Man Bury am

Corny in the English context can men unoriginal. In the pidgin English context, it means when a fake or unoriginal man dies, it is expected that a fake or unoriginal person buries him.

4 Pe taxi fun mi

Call a cab for me.

5 I dey see your JPEGS

JPEGS’s are pictures from your phone for example. Dey in pidgin English means possessing the ability to do something or perform an action. Adding all elements of this phrase simply means I can see your images or pictures and I like/love it.

6 God bless my hustle

Hustle in the pidgin English simply means any legal means of earning money/daily bread. God bless my Hustle when translated means God prosper the work(s) of my hand.

7 Today na Today

Today means present. When translated to English simply stresses that during this present day, something must happen, which maybe good or bad.

8 Naija Till I die

Naija is an abbreviated version for Nigeria. In this context it means I would forever represent my motherland Nigeria.

9 Las Las Everything go stew

Las is short form for Last (pronounced as spelled). Meaning, at the very end or last, everything would be as sweet as stew. Usually used to encourage someone going through rough times.

10 Weytin dey happen na

Weytin means what, and dey means possessing the ability to do something or perform an action. Adding all the phrases together simply means what is happening right now. In Ireland they say, ‘what’s the crack or what’s the story.’

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    I love learning about Nigerian pidgin English. It’s great to get information like this so I understand what people mean when they say ‘no wahala’, or ‘wetin dey sup’ in brokin English. Very cool. Love your store too!

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